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2014-2015 Season--GET REGISTERED TODAY

It is here...finally after a long summer wait the 2014-15 season is about to start!
All of these links are found here:
NCTTA Online Registration link: 
NCTTA Fall 2014 Eligibility form:
NCTTA Rules and Regulations:
October 1st is the deadline before a late fee is assessed! Get registered today!

September 2014 Newsletter

The September 2014 NCTTA Newsletter is now out
It contains, among other things, important changes for the 2014-15 season!

Minutes Update August 2, 2014

Scholarship Application Deadline August 15

Applications are now being accepted for scholarships from the National Table Tennis Scholarship Program, by NCTTA and NEWGY. The deadline is August 15.
More details in the Scholarship section.

2014 Elections Results

Congrats to the following Board members who have been re-elected:

Vice-President: Joe Wells
Treasurer: Randy Kendle
Athlete Representative: Kevin Li

Thanks to all who voted!

2014 Elections Voting

To all NCTTA member club presidents/representatives:

Candidates for NCTTA board positions have submitted their Statements of
Intent, and voting is now open.

Here are the candidates and links to each one's Statements of Intent:

Vice President
Joseph Wells -

Randy Kendle -

Athlete Representative
Kevin Li -

Please submit your votes by email to, with the
1. Your name
2. Your school
3. For each position, Yes or No, in terms of whether you are in support of the candidate
Even though only one candidate is listed for each position, votes need to be
submitted for each of them. If you wish to abstain from voting for a
particular position, then indicate "abstain" for that position.

The deadline for voting is 11:59 PM Eastern Time on Friday, June 13.
Only one vote per school will be counted. Invalid votes will not be counted.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask at the email address given above.
Thanks for your participation!

2014 Elections

To NCTTA school club presidents, members, alumni, coaches, and supporters:

The time has come for elections for certain positions on the NCTTA Board of Directors. For those of you interested in further involvement with NCTTA, here is your opportunity to play a crucial role in the direction of the organization, as well as that of college table tennis in the US and beyond.

These are the positions that are open for election, each with a link to its detailed description:

Please remember to read the NCTTA bylaws for qualifications to run:

Each of these positions have a term of 2 years.
Candidates must submit a Statement of Intent to, beginning May 26, 2014
The deadline is June 2 at 11:59 PM Eastern Time.
On or around June 3, the statements will be posted and candidates will be announced.
At that time, voting will begin, and will take place until June 13. Voting will be done by presidents (or representatives) of each NCTTA member school; each school will have 1 vote for each position.
Training for newly-elected Board members will occur June 14 to June 30, and terms will begin on July 1.

Please any direct any questions to

To those who decide to run, NCTTA wishes you the best of luck.

TMS National Championships Full Results

Full results for team and singles events at the 2014 TMS College Table Tennis National Championships are now available!

Results | Ratings

2014 TMS College Table Tennis National Championships

Congratulations to all the champions at the 2014 TMS College Table Tennis National Championships!
Coed Team - Texas Wesleyan University
Women's Team - Princeton University
Men's Singles - Cheng Li, Mississippi College
Women's Singles - Ariel Hsing, Princeton University
Men's Doubles - Razvan Cretu & Zhedi Bai, Texas Wesleyan University
Women's Doubles - Vivien Zhou & Xixi Guo, University of Toronto
Many thanks to all the sponsors, the host city, the host venue, officials and volunteers who made it possible!
Further thanks to all of you who attended and made it yet another fantastic event!
Additional thanks to those of you who followed it on the video streams.
We at NCTTA hope that you enjoyed the event as well.

Championships Video Stream Schedule

The 2014 TMS College Table Tennis National Championships are happening this weekend!
This year, there will be 2 separate video streams, which will be accessible on both the Championships site and the ITTF YouTube channel
Here is the schedule of matches that will be shown:


9:00 AM: Men's Singles - Grant Li, USC vs. Matthew Mayfield, Texas Wesleyan (Table 2)

9:15 AM: Men's Singles - Grant Li, USC vs. Gabriel Reder, Princeton (Table 2)

9:30 AM: Women's Doubles - Robin Li/Marisa Chow, Princeton vs. Rongge Zhang/Jingxuan Yi, Western Ontario (Table 1)

9:30 AM: Men's Singles - Matthew Mayfield, Texas Wesleyan vs. Gabriel Reder, Princeton (Table 2)

10:00 AM: Women's Doubles - Janice Ho/Shuo Yang, NYU vs. Khoshkhoosani Seyede/Daphne Dok, Arizona (Table 1)

10:30 AM: Women's Doubles - Sylvan Guo/Ellen Hwang, California vs. TBD (Table 1)

10:30 AM: Women's Doubles - Janice Lan/Pinnaree Tea-mangkornpan, Stanford vs. Vivien Zhou/Xixi Guo, Toronto (Table 2)

11:00 AM: Men's Doubles - Jiangwei Chen/Naifan Zhuang, Florida vs. Mark Hu/Saajan Patel, NYU (Table 1)

11:00 AM: Men's Doubles - Patrick Wu/Da Tang, NYU vs. Dat Vu/Kristopher Sabas, Minnesota (Table 2)

11:30 AM: Men's Doubles - Benjamin Kubesh/Peng Peng, Minnesota vs. Kevin Ma/Gabriel Reder, Princeton (Table 1)

12:00 PM: Men's Doubles - Dian Li/Arpit Bhopalkar, Tulane vs. Gabriel Skolnick/Micaiah Skolnick, Lindenwood (Table 1)

12:00 PM: Men's Doubles - Junyu Xiao/Zesheng Huang, Mississippi College vs. Alireza Tabatabaei Naeini/Mitch Billinkoff, Toronto (Table 2)

12:30 PM: Men's Doubles - Roberto Torres/Matthew Mayfield, Texas Wesleyan vs. Felipe Morita/Patricio Pereyra, Lindenwood (Table 1)

12:30 PM: Men's Doubles - Michael Landers/Kenneth Lim, NYU vs. TBD (Table 2)

1:00 PM: Women's Doubles - Semifinals (Table 1)

1:00 PM: Men's Doubles - Quarterfinals (Table 2)

1:30 PM: Women's Doubles - Semifinals (Table 1)

1:30 PM: Men's Doubles - Quarterfinals (Table 2)

2:00 PM: Men's Doubles - Semifinals (Table 1)

2:15 PM: Men's Doubles - Semifinals (Table 2)

2:30 PM: Women's Doubles - Final (Table 1)

3:00 PM: Men's Doubles - Final (Table 1)


4:00 PM: Opening Ceremony, followed by Coed Team - Tulane vs. Governors State (Tables 1 & 2)

5:30 PM: Women's Team - Northeastern vs. Tulane (Tables 1 & 2)

6:30 PM: Coed Team - Toronto vs. Princeton (Tables 1 & 2)

7:30 PM: Women's Team - Western Ontario vs. Texas Wesleyan (Tables 1 & 2)



9:00 AM: Coed Team - USC vs. Northeastern (Tables 1 & 2)

10:00 AM: Women's Team - NYU vs Texas A&M (Tables 1 & 2)

11:00 AM: Men's Singles - Round of 64 (Tables 1 & 2)

11:30 AM: Men's Singles - Round of 64 (Tables 1 & 2)

12:00 PM: Mens / Women's Singles - Round of 32 (Tables 1 & 2)

12:30 PM: Mens / Women's Singles - Round of 32 (Tables 1 & 2)

1:00 PM: Mens / Women's Singles - Round of 16 (Tables 1 & 2)

1:30 PM: Mens / Women's Singles - Round of 16 (Tables 1 & 2)

2:00 PM: Mens / Women's Singles - Quarterfinals (Tables 1 & 2)

2:30 PM: Mens / Women's Singles - Quarterfinals (Tables 1 & 2)

3:00 PM: Women's Singles - Semifinals (Table 1)

3:30 PM: Women's Singles - Semifinals (Table 1)

4:00 PM: Men's Singles - Semifinals (Table 1)

4:30 PM: Men's Singles - Semifinals (Table 1)

5:00 PM: Women's Singles - Final (Table 1)

5:30 PM: Men's Singles - Final (Table 1)


Sunday (Each team contest will use both Tables 1 & 2)

9:00 AM: Coed Team - Round of 16

10:00 AM: Women's Team - Quarterfinals

11:00 AM: Coed Team - Quarterfinals

12:00 PM: Women's Team - Semifinals

1:00 PM: Coed Team - Semifinals

2:00 PM: Women's Team - Final

3:00 PM: Coed Team - Final
Times are in Eastern US Time. The start times and scheduled matchups are subject to change.


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